CALL FOR TENDERS 6. February 2017

CALL FOR TENDERS 6. February 2017

Regional Council of South Karelia runs a project, which among others finances creation of a 10-year jubilee leaflet of AEBR Task Force of External Borders (TFEB). Mr. Moisio from the Regional Council of South Karelia has chaired this task force during its existence. The leaflet will be made in digital and printed versions.

Launching the tender and type of tenderer
This call for tenders is launched at the Facebook-page of AEBR Task Force of External Borders. It may as well as be sent to potential persons, who has been active in the work of AEBR TFEB. However, the body giving the tender should be a firm or organisation able to receive payment. Regional Council of South Karelia is not able to make an employee relationship with a foreign private person.

Subject to tender
Design of a 30-40 pages leaflet describing the work of AEBR TFEB during years 2007 – 2017. The leaflet shall include elements such as:
– greetings (chairman of AEBR, chairman of TFEB, relevant institutions, active ex members etc)
– memoirs of long-time and ex-members (Laura Comelli, Brigitta László, Alkis Papademetriu etc)
– presentation of activities (youth forums, projects, contracts, seminars, info centres)
– content rich with photos collected from members of the TFEB, AEBR or participants in the events
The leaflet shall be produced in the form of MS Publisher or MS Word and further in a PDF-format for internet. The leaflet printing requires a separate bid and contract.

Manager of the project will assist by providing contacts and a part of the photos and by commenting the draft content of the jubilee leaflet.

The tenderer shall be produce the leaflet during the period 1.3.2017 – 28.7.2017. This is as it will be published in the AEBR Youth Forum and TFEB meeting held in Lappeenranta in the middle of August.

Content of the tender
– tenderer, name address, company ID number, contact details
– lump sum for the work in euros, and estimated number of working days
– person(s) assigned for the work and his/her relation to the AEBR and TFEB
– short plan on realisation of the leaflet
– relevant short information on experience

The work is anticipated to happen by using internet means (email, Scype etc). Any other expenses, such as travel, shall be accepted and covered separately by the Regional Council of Karelia.

Evaluation criteria
Tenders are evaluated by the cost and experience
– cost 50% (work)
– experience 50% (in the work or AEBR and TFEB and in producing publications)

Delivery of the tender
Tenders shall be delivered by email to address: johannes.moisio@ekarjala.fi
by the 24. February 2017.

Information on this tender or the content and nature of the work may be achieved from
Mr. Johannes Moisio
Regional Council of South Karelia
Kauppakatu 40D, FIN 53100 LAPPEENRANTA
tel. +358 5 6163 119
email: johannes.moisio@ekarjala.fi