Novelist Laila Hirvisaari and regional Mayor Matti Viialainen


Literature and South Karelia

Literature and South Karelia

The Regional Brochure of South Karelia is a digital story of the province. It shows vivid pictures of the region and municipalities, enviroment and scenery, history, industrial life, local culture and identity, tourism, education and training and leisuretime. You will also find an interesting article about lierature and novels which have been set in South Karelia.

The ancient Karelia was known as a land of epic poetry and folklore stories (such as Kalevala).

One of the most famous novelist who has written stories from Karelia is Laila Hirvisaari. A significant share of Laila Hirvisaari’s books relate the fortunes of her protagonists not only in Lappeenranta and Imatra but also on the Karelian Isthmus. Imatra also was the home place of Hilja Valtonen, the most widely read woman writer in Finland.

Nature plays an important role in the literature of the region. The late Lempi Jääskeläinen described the history and nature of the area, and of contemporary writers, Petter Sairanen is a powerful interpreter and advocate of nature.

Many South Karelian writers, such as Kaija Pakkanen or Anni Swan, wrote specifically for children. Children’s author Marjatta Kureniemi, who lived in Taipalsaari, drew inspiration from the South Karelian nature for her books. Read more about literature and culture of South Karelia.