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In South Karelia, there are various museums. Perhaps the most famous ones are South Karelia Museum and Ylämaa Gem Museum.

The Provincial Museum of South Karelia and museums in Imatra provide a comprehensive information package of both the cultural and artistic heritage and modern living in the region. They collect, study and exhibit such as the art and culture of the lost territories in Karelia and Vyborg in the pre-war era.

South Karelia Art Museum houses an important collection of Finnish and, in particular, southeast Finnish art from the mid-1800’s till present day. The jewels of Imatra Art Museum include works collected by arts patron Jalo Sihtola, while the collection of photographs in Imatra Town Museum is exceptionally large and of a high standard. Works by local artists are being added to the collections of modern art.

The Provincial Museum of South Karelia is almost entirely housed in the fortification of Lappeenranta, a cultural attraction of national importance. In Imatra on River Vuoksi, visitors can familiarise themselves with the life and living conditions of workers in the past centuries, and in Pässiniemi in Imatra there is an outdoor museum presenting a Karelian home.

In addition to provincial museums, there are various local and small museums in the area, such as the museum houses of Lyytikkylä and Pätäri, the deserted village of Papinniemi, house of Röytty, Eastern Finland Dairy Museum and Border Museum.

All South Karelian museums are listed on the website Museums of South Karelia.

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